Autonomous Vehicles & The Future of Mobility


2021-04-22T11:00:00 - 2021-04-22T13:00:00

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    Universal access to private automobile ownership completely transformed our built environment throughout the 20th Century.  A new paradigm shift is on the horizon; one that is shared, connected and autonomous.  The time to start planning is now.  What questions and concerns must we address today to achieve the communities we need and to which we aspire and what steps do we take to create best possible outcomes?
    Join ULI Oklahoma for a lively conversation led by some of the foremost researchers on the subject and hear about work they’ve done in other communities to get ahead of the curve.
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    David Dixon


    In recent years, David has helped launch a national conversation about how communities can put emerging mobility paradigms to work to enhance livability, economic opportunity, and equity. In 2020, he led a weeklong community-based Mobility Innovations: Reshaping Buffalo for the 21st century charrette, sponsored by The Congress for the New Urbanism, the City of Buffalo, and Stantec’s Urban Places. Residential Architecture Magazine named David to their Hall of Fame as “the person we call to ask about cities” and the American Institute of Architects named David a Fellow of the Institute and awarded him their Thomas Jefferson Medal for “a lifetime of creating livable neighborhoods, vibrant civic spaces, and vital downtowns.” David led planning for post-Katrina New Orleans (which earned the American Planning Association’s Hard Won Victory Award). He co-authored Urban Design for an Urban Century (Wiley, 2015) and co-edited Suburban Remix (Island Press, 2018).


    Greg Rodriguez

    Mobility Policy Principal, Stantec

    Greg Rodriguez is based out of Washington, D.C. and was a practicing attorney before joining Stantec. At Stantec, Greg enjoys supporting mobility focused projects and the chance to work with multi-discipline teams to incubate solutions that manage and leverage the power of disruption to create a safer, more connected, inclusive, and resilient transportation system. With his unique legal, regulatory, and policy experience, his ongoing work includes research and regulatory guidance around automated and connected vehicles, data governance, and analysis and development of policy and regulatory frameworks merging land use, shared mobility, equity, and infrastructure to support next generation mobility solutions, including demand-responsive mobility, automated and connected vehicles, dockless micromobility, and unmanned drones (both aerial and ground). Greg is a respected author and speaker on mobility and is the co-founder of a transportation policy focused podcast.