With the spring IncDev series postponed due to COVID-19, we will be offering a guide to accessing resources in the interim.  This page will be updated regularly, so continue to check back here or on the IncDev website

All of our lives just got a lot more local and small-scale. 

First, we know that many of you must be feeling the pain of this crisis acutely. You or someone you love may be ill or at great risk in this moment. We wish you peace and strength.

Whether you’ve connected to us as a small developer, public servant, or neighborhood champion, we’ll be here to back you as you navigate what’s next.

We know that your work doesn't stop just because you can't get to an IncDev training. In fact, a small-scale development project (or policy) may have just become more important to your family, your finances, and your community than ever.  Our goal remains the same: helping local people strengthen their neighborhoods from any starting point. That starting point is shifting, but there will always be a small step we can take.


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