ULI Oklahoma Luncheon: Making Way for Missing Middle Housing (OKC)


2022-06-23T11:30:00 - 2022-06-23T13:00:00

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    Yale Theatre Will open in a new window 227 SW 25th ST Oklahoma City, OK 73109-5919 UNITED STATES

    Join us for lunch in OKC to learn about an innovative new development code in Tulsa, and discuss the outlook for new missing middle housing around the city.

    Tulsa adopted its new Neighborhood Infill Overlay in December 2021, after years of planning and community engagement in downtown-adjacent neighborhoods. In response to market studies and small area planning, the overlay removes barriers for new missing middle housing and brings historic missing middle building types into compliance with zoning. Some key features of the overlay include allowing Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) by right; adjusting lot width, size, and area requirements; and modifying parking requirements. As Oklahoma City continues to work on updated development regulations, we can learn from how Tulsa planners crafted and communicated this new policy.
    Read more about the Infill Overlay HERE

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    Yale Theatre 227 SW 25th ST Oklahoma City, OK 73109-5919 UNITED STATES

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    Nathan Foster

    Senior Planner, INCOG

    Nathan Foster is a Senior Planner with the Tulsa Planning Office. He has worked in the Tulsa Planning Office for nearly 9 years. Serving in the current planning division, he serves as staff to the Tulsa Metropolitan Area Planning Commission and provides review and recommendations on zoning, land use, and subdivision items. Nathan was the primary author of the Neighborhood Infill Overlay, as well as the Route 66 Overlay.


    Travis Hulse

    Housing Policy Director, City of Tulsa

    Travis Hulse is the Housing Policy Director for the City of Tulsa in Mayor GT Bynum’s Office. As a public servant of Tulsa for almost 7 years, he regularly collaborates with public and private organizations to build consensus across various interest groups and move Tulsa towards becoming a globally-competitive world class city. Prior to his current role, he served as the Principal Planner for the Tulsa Planning Office. There he oversaw a variety of long-range planning initiatives including programs within planning, design, and implementation. Mr. Hulse is also a certified member of both the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) and Certified Floodplain Managers (CFM).


    Katy O'Meilia

    Sr. Associate / Tulsa Office Director, TSW

    Katy is the current Programs Chair in Tulsa for ULI Oklahoma. Katy joined TSW in 2021 and has a combined 13 years of project experience working as a Landscape Architect and Urban Planner in Oklahoma, Utah, and Texas. She is a licensed Landscape Architect and a LEED Accredited Professional and uses that knowledge to guide projects toward economic, social, and environmentally sustainable solutions. Katy brings a strong background in the areas of long-range planning, urban design, master planning, site design, district/design overlay zoning administration, land use regulations, and the development of design standards, guidelines, design overlays, and form-based codes. Her experience in community outreach, public facilitation, and the regulation development adoption process ensures project work is collaborative and reflective of community values.